Linslade Baptist Church

Our Corona Virus Ministry

Due to Corona Virus our Sunday morning meetings are currently suspended. God willing we plan that these will resume on 6 September and we greatly look forward to this. Our Thursday evening Bible Study & Prayer meetings have now re-commenced.

In the meantime, our friends at Dunstable Baptist Church will be sharing a ‘virtual’ service each Sunday morning at 10:00 which we will post on this page for your blessing.

If you would like to request prayer or pastoral support please use the contact details below.

We trust in a Sovereign, prayer answering God who is in control at all times however perplexing the circumstances may seem to us!

Linslade Baptist Church is a friendly group of Christians who meet together each week in our church building on New Road, near to Leighton Buzzard railway station. Being a Christian simply means that we follow and worship the Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins on the cross as our God and Saviour. We love studying the Bible because it is the book God has given for us to know the truth about Jesus Christ, and we meet to hear the Word of God preached. We enjoy worshipping Him in song and prayer, and spending time together as fellow believers.

However, you don’t have to be a Christian to meet with us and we are delighted to welcome those who want to find out more and explore the Christian faith. You are very welcome to join us at one of our meetings or we can arrange to meet away from the church during the week.

Linslade Baptist Church on New Road
Linslade Baptist Church

Our Message

“We preach Christ crucified” – 1 Corinthians 1:23

Our message, as declared by the whole Bible, is both simple and yet uniquely profound. All mankind are born into this world in a state of rebellion against the God who created us – we are sinful. We have broken His laws, rejected Him and as a result are spiritually dead. Because God is perfect and righteous, our sinfulness prevents us enjoying a relationship with Him, the very purpose for which we were made.

Thankfully this tragedy is not the end of the story. In His great love and a display of His sovereign grace, God chose to bear the just punishment for the sins of His chosen people Himself, through His perfect Son the Lord Jesus Christ, being “God come in the flesh”. Christ did this through His crucifixion, dying as our substitute and bearing the punishment we rightly deserve.

Christ rose gloriously from the dead three days later proving that He had conquered death, paid our debt to God and gives new life to all those that will be saved. So the glorious and wonderful news is that Jesus Christ has opened the way to have renewed fellowship with God in this life and to enjoy an eternity with Him in heaven in the next!

Salvation in God, through Christ, is the greatest thing any person can ever possess…and it all comes through His grace!

In whom do you hope and trust?

In whom or what do you turn when times in your life are confusing and difficult? In whom or what do you place your confidence to see you through these hardest of days?

These are searching questions, not just during this current pandemic, but at many stages of our lives. When you have nothing left but to simply trust in someone or something else, can you be sure that these things will suffice?

Grace Baptist Partnership posed this question to a number of Christian church leaders and asked them to share how they had coped with difficult circumstances in their own lives.

In what or whom had they hoped and trusted to see them through?

See what Linslade Baptist Church elders Steve and Cliff along with Dunstable Pastor Barry King shared in these short videos.

Our Meetings

Sunday Service (from 6/9)

Sunday 11am

Our Sunday meeting lasts around an hour and includes preaching from the Word of God (the Bible), singing and prayer.

Communion is taken on the first Sunday each month and is open to believers who have been baptised on profession of faith and are members of our church, or of other Gospel churches.

Each service is followed by refreshments where we can relax and get to know each other better. On the fifth Sunday in a month we also enjoy a fellowship meal together.

Prayer & Bible study

Thursday 7.30pm

We meet for around an hour to study the Bible and spend time praying for each other, the needs of the church, and wider concerns such as for other Gospel churches known to us and for our nation.

Our Media

Use the Soundcloud player above to listen to our previous sermons